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For final submission of the project, choose an application from the list below (or write your own program) and program it in your circuit board.

1. Basic Clock (24 hr format)
2. Basic Clock (AM/PM)
3. Countdown Timer
4. Stopwatch (1-sec)
5. Stopwatch (1/10 sec)
6. Stopwatch (1/100 sec)
7.. Jackpot Machine
8. Electronic Dice
9. Counter (Slotted Opto Sensor needed)
10. Block Timer (Slotted Opto Sensor needed)
11. Door Timer (NO Reed Switched needed)

If you final application does not work due to a lack of effort in your part or very poor workmanship, your instructor may request that you wire wrap a new but simpler circuit.

Schematic of simple circuit

Guide to connecting the circuit