Collection of 8051 Learning Objects

Basic Theory
Counting Hex Number
Speaker Operation
Opto Slot Sensor
Transistor as a Switch
Relay Operation
System Bus Operation
8051 Basic
Memory Explorer
Bit Map Explained
Assembly Language
Understanding Arithmetic Flags
RL A & RR A Instructions
RLC A & RRC A Instructions
The JB & JNB Instructions
Bits Manipulation Instructions
Delay Loop Calculation I
Delay Loop Calculation II
The LCALL & RET Instructions
The DJNZ Instruction
Stack & Program Counter
Push and Pop Demo
Developing Subroutine
Understanding Program Counter (Old)
Understanding Program Counter (New)
LCALL & RET Demo 1
LCALL & RET Demo 2
LCALL & RET Demo 3
Output Interfacing
8051 Output Interfacing Part 1
8051 Output Interfacing Part 2
8051 Output Interfacing Part 3
Forming Numbers with Seven Segment Display
Driving Seven Segment Direct with 8051
Driving Seven Segment through Buffer
BCD-7 Segment Decoder
Driving Seven Segment through 7447
2-Digit Mux Circuit
4-Digit Module
4-Digit Mux Principle
4-Digit Mux Circuit
Driving Relay Circuit
I/O Application - Electronic Lock
Input Interfacing
Keyboard Decoder
Reading n Masking Data from Keyboard Decoder
Reed Switch Operation
Application of Reed Switch
Application of PIR
Timer running in Binary
Timer running in Hex
Comparing 8051 Timer run speed and stopwatch
Timer countup to overflow
8051 Timer
Timer Concept
Delay Calculation
Load Value Calculation
Timer Application - Count Down Timer
Timer Application - Square Wave Generation
Timer Application - Stop Watch
Timer Application - Count Down Application
Introduction to RS232C
Serial Transmission Demo
Serial Transmission (with TI) Demo
Serial Reception Demo
Serial Tx/Rx (with TI/RI) Demo
Baud Rate Demo
Baud Rate Calculation
Learning Objects for 8051
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December 2007
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